Has Your Home Suffered a Loss From Fire, Wind, or Water?

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Our remediation and restoration professionals will clean up, restore, and rebuild your home or business.


Storm generated and atmospheric water is the primary source of damage to most structures. Deterioration of structural integrity and indoor air quality quickly establish themselves.

Water Damage Restoration

An immediate response to water and moisture damage is essential to preservation of property and health. Remediation by Beacon within the first 48 hours is key to the preservation of property and health.

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The trauma and loss associated with fire is a powerful threat to security and life, and the residual soot, smoke, and water chemically accelerates the deterioration of your property.

Fire Damage Restoration

Responding to a fire within 48 hours is essential to mitigate and minimize long-term property loss and damage to the health of your family and employees. Beacon will clean-up, evaluate damage and loss of use, and provide replacement and restoration services.

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Cleaning up is only the start. Wind, water, and fire damage can affect your property's interior and exterior. Decay often penetrates deep within the walls and foundation, affecting the sturdiness of your structure. Count on us to help you repair your property.

Storm Damage Restoration

Immediate remediation efforts are essential to mitigating further loss of use and property damage, and Beacon will clean-up, secure and tarp your property at any time of day or night so you can return to living.

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As with any type of property damage, a quick response is absolutely essential. The Beacon team is available any time of day or night and is professionally equipped to handle any disaster your business facility has suffered.

Commercial Services

Contact Beacon Restoration today to learn more about our services, which will put you back in control of your commercial property.

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Beacon Restoration roof tarping is the first step toward correcting roof damage. We nail tarping to roof framing and remaining shingles.


Contact us today if your home or business needs tarping services.

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At Beacon Restoration, we offer a full range of disaster clean-up and reconstruction services.


Contact Beacon Restoration today to learn more about our remediation and reconstruction services.

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We provide mold and mildew restoration services for homes and businesses along with air quality testing available 24/7.

Contact Beacon Restoration today to learn more about our mold damage restoration and air quality testing services.

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You Can Count On Beacon Restoration

When disaster hits, the last thing you need is complicated insurance claims and unreliable contractors. Every minute matters. That’s why Beacon Restoration offers fast, dependable, and effective restoration services for homes and commercial businesses across Florida, including Orlando, Naples, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale. We also partner with insurance agencies for a smooth, reliable remediation process.

Restoration Services in the Orlando Metro Area and Across Florida

Floods, fires, and other unexpected emergencies can turn your home or business into a disaster area, uprooting your family and commercial operations. You need to trust someone will answer your phone call any time, day or night, and mitigate the damage before it gets any worse.

Turn to Orlando-based restoration contractors that care about your property and will treat you with fairness and respect. Beacon Restoration’s certified technicians work quickly and thoroughly so you can get back to normal.

One phone call and we get to work for you.

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An IICRC Certified Firm

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification sets the industry standard for disaster relief and restoration services. To earn and maintain ICCRC certification, you must undergo extensive training and keep up with trends in the field.

Our IICRC certified technicians possess a variety of certifications in cleaning, inspection, and restoration. You can call Beacon Restoration with the utmost confidence that we will safely and comprehensively restore your home or commercial property. We have the training, experience, techniques, and products to help you after a disaster.

    • Initial Evaluation and Triage: Our 24/7/365 team will answer your call. We immediately start assessing and evaluating the damage. You are now our priority.
    • Disaster Mitigation: We mitigate further damage and loss of use to preserve your health and property.
    • Restoration Services: Certified professionals repair, remediate, and restore your home or business so you can resume normal living.

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“Excellent work, and great people to work with. Thanks!”

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“The team at Beacon Restoration were great to deal with. I would recommend Beacon Restoration for their outstanding customer service and professionalism.”

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“Working with Beacon Restoration was great! They’re very knowledgeable and customer service is outstanding!”
Jose Rodriguez, Operations manager, Public Storage

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When there’s an emergency, you need help day or night. The Beacon team is on standby, ready to help when you need it most. Call us at (407) 428-1932 or for general information, call (800) 454-4572.

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