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Commercial Disaster Recovery

When your office, industrial, or retail facility is damaged, we understand the need to get you back up and open for business as soon as possible. Beacon knows that every minute your business is down, revenue is lost, customers can’t be served, and your employees may not be able to work.

As with any type of property damage, a quick response is absolutely essential.  The Beacon team is available any time of day or night and is professionally equipped to handle any disaster your business facility has suffered.

Our expert team is ready to handle damage related to storms, fire, water, mold, and more.  Beacon remediates and repairs the damage, works with your insurance team to expedite reconstruction, and gets you back in business.

Commercial Restoration Company

Beacon Restoration is dedicated to serving your business or commercial building in the case of a disaster. We provide help 24/7/365 to ensure that those who need us the most receive help immediately. Our teams won’t rest until you’re well on your way back to your normal routine in the office.

One of the most difficult parts of the commercial restoration process is getting enough hands on deck to make a difference, but that will never be an issue if you work with Beacon Restoration.

Fire Restoration Services

Beacon Restoration professionals are on-call to assist in fire damage efforts. If your commercial building experiences an unexpected fire, our crews will respond immediately with measures to reduce the dangers surrounding your property.

Depending on the severity of the fire damage, Beacon Restoration can inspect your location for appropriate action. We understand the dangers of leaving soot, ash and smoke inside commercial buildings, so we begin the cleanup process by carrying salvageable belongings out of the effected zone. Additionally, our team focuses on air quality through the insertion of air movers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers for proper ventilation.

Beacon Restoration acts quickly to minimize the effects of fire damage. As soon as it’s safe to enter a building, our crews remove thick layers of soot and debris with vacuums and start cleanup operations. This procedure includes wet mopping, deodorizing, boarding up windows and doors for security and reconstructing architecture.

Restoration Water Extraction

Almost all commercial businesses are susceptible to water damage. Whether you experience a storm, flooding, leaking pipes or sewer line problems, still water must be removed in order to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Beacon Restoration starts the water damage restoration process by analyzing structural and electrical components to ensure that it’s safe to enter the building.

We will assist in the removal of furniture, carpets and more for drying outdoors. It’s crucial to remove water from structures as rapidly as possible, so our team will ventilate rooms, discard wet insulation and sanitize the surfaces within your business. Beacon Restoration uses the following equipment to keep moisture out of office, industrial and retail spaces:

  • Air movers: These are air circulation machines blow air throughout damp environments, helping to focus drying efforts on walls, flooring, carpets and more. The larger the space, the more air movers are necessary for drying.

  • Dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers capture and remove moisture in the air. Beacon Restoration then drains the water that builds up in the storage chambers of these devices.

  • Air scrubbers: Air scrubbers filter harmful particles and odors out of the air through an intake. These machines remove odors from mold and mildew after water damage.

Disaster Cleaning Company

Disasters of any size can leave a mess across commercial buildings. In extreme cases, trees fall down, siding breaks apart and windows shatter, leaving glass on the floor. Fortunately, Beacon Restoration contributes to cleanup efforts surrounding fires, water, storms and more.

When a disaster occurs, you can count on Beacon Restoration to:

  • Wash surfaces

  • Vacuum soot and hazardous materials

  • Discard damaged items (electronics and paper products)

  • Remove mud

  • Attend to furniture

  • Pump out flooded rooms

  • And more

Commercial Cleaning Services

An unexpected disaster can take a toll on your office, industrial warehouse or retail space, which is why Beacon Restoration wants to help with concerns about fire, water, storm damage and more. Contact Beacon Restoration today to learn more about our services, which will put you back in control of your commercial property. Call us at 407-428-1932

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