Beacon Stands Ready To Guide Property Owners After A Fire

A fire is one of the most traumatic events that can ever occur to both a property and a property owner/manager. Beacon is ready to guide you through the smoke and help with rapid response services such as board up, tarping, etc. – all the way through restoration and reconstruction. 

Selecting the right restoration contractor is key in expediting the process of reconstruction and a wrong choice here can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, if not millions. At Beacon Restoration we will take care of you and your property from the first spark of the fire to the last nail in rebuilding. 

Steps To Property Restoration After A Fire

Seconds matter when dealing with fire or smoke damage. Call the firefighters to take care of the fire but call Beacon Restoration to restore your home to the pre-disaster condition. We will immediately send a professional out to assess the damage and create an action plan for your specific property and the incident that caused the damage.

Once the fire has been secured and the smoke has cleared out we will have our professionals thoroughly inspect your property from top to bottom to assess any and all damage. Once our team has an understanding of the situation your property faces we will create a corresponding action plan on how we will restore the property to pre-loss condition and remediating any smoke or mold. 

Fires can leave homes susceptible to further damage with broken windows, holes in the roof, and other exposures to the elements. Our team of experts will board up any walls, windows, and doors that were compromised during the disaster and will prevent your property and possessions from incurring further damage. 

While fire claims will remain a fire claim even if there is water damage, due to the fact it is used to put out the fires and sprinkler systems can activate even the event of false fires water damage commonly occurs during fire events. There is a risk of mold and mildew for any moisture left behind which can only complicate situations like this further. Our team of experts are professionals when it comes to water and mold remediation and will work diligently to ensure your property is restored to full condition promptly. 

Once all water has been removed from the property is will be time to treat the smoke and soot. These substances can land on every surface of the home and can be very dangerous if inhaled. Beacon uses the most advanced technologies and techniques needed to fully restore the property no matter the extent of smoke damage. 

The last step in the fire restoration process is the actual restoring or remodeling the property back to how it was before the fire. This may mean tearing out and replacing drywall as well as installing brand new carpet or floorboards. For example, if your drywall was soaked while the fire was being put out, it is no longer structurally sound and likely requires replacing. We will check for areas of your property that need rebuilding and even handle the installation and painting for you. If the fire damage was more extensive, restoration may include completely rebuilding a room or in some severe circumstances the entire property structure.

Beacon Stands Ready To Guide You Through Any Smoke Or Fire Emergency Your Property Experiences

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