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Mold Restoration In Orlando

Mold is something that’s present everywhere in our environment.  However, if the amount in your home exceeds normal levels you can experience health issues like allergic reactions, asthma, sinus problems, and even poisoning and infections.

If you have had a flood or water leak that was not properly cleaned up, you could have excessive mold growth in your home. Left untreated, it will spread and become a significant risk to your building’s structure and your health, leading to issues like allergic reactions, asthma, sinus problems and even poisoning and infections.

When you suspect your home or building has harmful, unsightly mold and mildew growth, reach out to the mold inspection and remediation professionals at Beacon Restoration. Our IICRC-certified team of remediation specialists is available to respond to your mold removal and indoor air quality testing needs 24 hours a day and seven days per week, and we pride ourselves on our extremely prompt response times. Our mold remediation experts can assess the property, recommend a plan and take action to clean up the mold for good.

Restoration Mold Removal

Florida’s damp, humid and stormy climate can lead to excess trapped moisture and water leaks. Mold and mildew growth is often found in the dankest and darkest corners of your home or building, including underneath kitchen and bathroom counters, growing in attic sheeting and basement walls and along tiled areas. Common types of residential mold growths include aspergillosis, cladosporium and stachybotrys atria, also known as black mold.

Mold growth can form within 48 hours of initial water damage. If left untreated, it can lead to a variety of common and severe health risks when not addressed quickly. Mold can only be properly treated and remediated with quality industry tools and chemicals, which is why residents throughout Florida should trust Beacon Restoration for all of their mold restoration services. Our team will work with you to find the cause and type of mold in your home and develop effective mold restoration solutions to restore your property to its safe and secure condition.

Beacon Restoration’s mold restoration services include replacing flooring and structural materials, cleaning air ducts, repairing any leaking plumbing fixtures and disinfecting and cleaning furnishings.

Every mold restoration project throughout Florida is performed using the most advanced equipment and chemical solutions available today to ensure the most effective, dependable and longest-lasting results.

Air Quality Remediation Services

At Beacon Restoration, we offer the most complete and reliable approach to mold restoration services, and we’ll find the source of your property’s growth in an efficient and affordable manner. As the leading mold restoration company throughout Florida, we don’t just stop at removing the visible mold and mildew growths and disinfecting the affected area — we also perform comprehensive indoor air quality testing services.

Throughout our mold restoration and remediation process, we test the air to determine the level of mold spores present, the extent of the problem and the source of the excess mold. We then inspect the property, looking for areas where ventilation is poor, insufficient or completely lacking, and develop remediation treatments that completely destroy bacteria, fungi and other toxic substances for cleaner and healthier air quality.

Mold Remediation Services

Make sure you always have the best, most comprehensive and affordable mold restoration and remediation services throughout Orlando, Tampa, Naples and Miami, FL, only at Beacon Restoration. We can help you with any type of mold and mildew restoration project, large or small. We have the experience and equipment needed to perform the most effective remediation and air quality cleaning services to improve the comfort, quality and safety of your Florida home or business.

If you suspect there might be mold in your home or are in need of mold removal in Orlando, call Beacon Restoration today at 800-452-2572 or complete our online scheduling form.

Our mold remediation experts can assess the property, recommend a plan, and take action to clean up the mold for good.

If you suspect there might be mold in your home, call Beacon Restoration today.

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