Our Mission

Beacon Restoration, through radical transparency and truth, is creating a culture that is direct and honest in communication all dealings so that all people are trusting and loyal to the continuous evolution of the organization and industry. Through meaningful work and relationships Beacon Restoration will shine bright as a flasgship contractor serving our customers when disaster strikes any type of property.

Trusted & Reliable Restoration Professionals

What separates us from our competition is what we like to call the white glove service of disaster restoration. From the time we are initially called out we ensure our clients understand every detail, every step of the way along with any potential pitfalls that could come so they can be prepared.

In addition to this, we offer to help them in any way we can that’s a part of the job even if it doesn’t mean we get the work. The bottom line at Beacon, we like to let our clients know we care by our actions. Words don’t mean much but actions do and our clients will know they have someone in their corner every step of the way.

Our Story

The dictionary defines a “beacon” as “a light serving as a signal, warning, or guide”. They serve as guiding lights to find your way forward in the darkest of times or most dangerous of circumstances. When our CEO decided to start this company he wanted our dedication to guiding our clients through stressful property events to encompass the entire brand. Beacons help navigators arrive at their destinations safely and that is what we strive to do for all of our clients, both residential and commercial.