Are you prepared for an unexpected disaster at one of the properties you manage?

As a Property Manager, you know first hand that minutes can mean thousands of damages if the disaster is not handled promptly. Don't waste valuable time and be ready to call Beacon when disaster strikes.

Property Managers are expected, by both the owner and tenants, to quickly and effectively ensure the property is restored to its pre-loss condition – generally at the lowest cost possible to the property owner. One of the best ways for Property Managers to mitigate risks is to have an action plan in place on how they will respond to emergencies with properties they manage. This will include having contingency plans for fires, floods, backed up sewer lines, mold issues, burst pipes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and much more!

Advanced contingency planning gives you the fastest respond from a restoration professional possible and reduces the risk of secondary damage due to a delay in response. That way, when disaster strikes all you have to do is call Beacon and a team of fully licensed, bonded, and certified restoration experts will respond to your property ready to prevent further damage and restore full use of the property to the tenants. 

Protect Your Properties With Beacon

Are you a Property Manager that would like to learn more about how they can protect their properties and property owners by having Beacon standing by in the event of a disaster? Contact us to learn more.