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Reconstruction Services

Regardless of the cause, cleaning up the damage is just the start on the road to recovery.   To complete your journey to restoration of your property and peace of mind, reconstruction services are the essential next step, and must be done professionally.
Services include restoring your property to better than it was before, starting from appropriate base flood elevations to deep foundations, to appropriate soffitts and shingles, to dry flood-proofing, and finally your finishing materials.
At Beacon Restoration, we offer a full range of disaster clean-up and reconstruction services.  When disaster strikes, you need your property cleaned up and restored as quickly as possible.  Our team is ready, 24/7/365, to provide deliverance after disaster.

We work on home and commercial construction projects.  We’re fully licensed and insured to provide a wide range of services.

Our Reconstruction Services Include:

  • Disaster damage remediation

  • Emergency services

  • Roofing and siding

  • Structure stabilization and repair

  • General construction (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, masonry, painting, etc.)

Emergency Reconstruction Services

One of the most convenient aspects of working with Beacon Restoration is our ability to see projects through beginning to end. Our experts are with home and business owners through every step of the cleanup process, so we understand the best solution for reconstructing your architecture.

As we engage in cleanup projects, the Beacon Restoration team is able to make notes regarding where structural corrections should take place. We pride ourselves on rebuilding communities that have experienced the effects of natural disasters and other events — we act quickly and efficiently to minimize losses for families and businesses alike.

Insurance Restoration Services

Beacon Restoration experts work with home insurance companies to make reconstruction efforts affordable. We’ll help you file claims for your property to better document the damage from the disaster. Our experts will then determine the most cost-effective path for reconstruction efforts as we partner with insurance companies for projects large and small.

We consider insurance deductibles and rates to make sure reconstruction plans stay within budget for financial security. Beacon Restoration serves both home and business owners by partnering with insurance companies for:

  • Responding immediately to disasters

  • Securing property

  • Avoiding further damage

  • Cleaning, decontaminating and drying indoor spaces

  • Replacing/rebuilding damaged materials

  • Streamlining claim processes

Property Restoration In Orlando

Ultimately, Beacon Restoration wants to improve the current state of your home or business by protecting you from future disasters. We secure foundations through replacement and repairs that provide a whole new life to residences in the state of Florida. You can expect the following enhancements to your home or business when working with Beacon Restoration for reconstruction services:

  • Improved structural joists/beams

  • Siding installation

  • Moved/constructed walls

  • Windows and openings

  • Door installation

  • New drywall

  • And more

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Natural disasters and unexpected events are not ideal, but Beacon Restoration is here to serve home and business owners in the state of Florida. With nearly 20 years of experience behind disaster relief, insurance and construction, our team provides reconstruction services to Tampa, Naples, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville and other surrounding areas in the state of Florida. Contact Beacon Restoration today to learn more about our remediation and reconstruction services. Call us today at 407-428-1932

We Can Help

No matter the disaster, we will help rebuild your property.  Beacon Restoration works on commercial and residential properties and offers a full-range of reconstruction services.

  • 24/7/365 emergency help
  • The benefit of working with a single, full-service company to evaluate and mitigate damage, clean up, and reconstruct the property
  • Fully licensed and experienced contractors
  • Partners with insurance companies

When Minutes Matter, Call Beacon Restoration

Our 24/7/365 team is ready day or night, and is with you all the way on the road to recovery.

Initial Evaluation & Triage

As soon as you call, we’re on our way to evaluate the situation and begin work.

Disaster Mitigation

Beacon will stop and mitigate the damage, preserving your property and limiting further deterioration.


Our certified professionals will clean-up, repair, and restore your property.  Good as new.

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