Storms Suck ...But Beacon Has Your Back

When severe weather strikes, property owners and managers must have a restoration company that is experienced, dependable, licensed & insured, and most of all trustworthy. Mother Nature is predictably unpredictable and that is why Beacon spends a year round effort to prepare for storms and their catastrophic effects. 

The best thing a property owner/manager can do to prepare is to not have to scramble and juggle a bunch of different contractors when disaster strikes. Let Beacon manage the entire event from initial board up and tarping, all the way to reconstruction and finalization of any insurance claims. 

Beacon Is Ready To Guide You Through Any Storm From Beginning To End

How Can Beacon Help You After A Storm?

  • Tarp Protection: We will install temporary tarps to prevent further water or snow intrusion if your roof is penetrated or caved in by fallen trees or branches, or has sustained hail damage or damage from high winds.
  • Downed Tree & Branch Clearing: Trees and branches that fall on buildings, vehicles, and driveways can be cleared quickly by our crew.
  • Pump Out: We’ll get rid of unwanted water quickly with our heavy-duty pumping equipment.
  • Water Remediation: We can remove water-damaged material that can’t be saved and use hi-tech drying and dehumidification equipment to restore everything else. 
  • Board Up: To keep out the weather and unwanted visitors, we can securely board up openings following severe storms.
  • Pack, Move, & Store: Following severe damage caused by a storm or hurricane, it may be necessary to move people and possessions out of the house temporarily. 
  • Reconstruction: We can take care of storm, hurricane, or wind damage that requires roof and wall reconstruction, window and door replacement, roof replacement, and other disaster reconstruction work.

Are you prepared for a hurricane in the middle of a pandemic?